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 Unique Tools for Healing

Healing Tools


The aim of Dreamwork is to explore the various images, symbols and emotions that a dream presents and evokes, while not attempting to come up with a single unique dream meaning.  A dream may have a variety of meanings depending on what resonates with the dreamer. And even though some symbols are universal, the psyche has a way of creating symbols that are unique to the individual dreamer's life. Rather than looking at the literal story that the dreamer sees, the work takes us under, into and around it to the meanings hidden behind the scenes... to the story the psyche may be trying to tell us.  Click to learn more...


Sandtray is a non-verbal expressive and projective mode of psychotherapy where the tray of sand and the miniatures are the medium of communication. It is a hands-on way to visualize a part of your life that you may not be able to express verbally. The selection and placement of the elements in the sand, with which you work in an almost child-like state of honesty, creates a scene that acts as a reflection of your own life and unconscious process. It is a highly therapeutic and multidimensional form of therapy that can provide emotional release and realization for a person in therapy

Clinical Hypnosis

Clinical hypnosis is a procedure during which carefully worded language is used to help you become deeply relaxed and able to enter a state of highly focused, suggestible to clear away mental "clutter" and focus on your problem and solutions to the problem. In this hypnotic state, you would be aware of everything that is going on, but at the same time, become increasingly absorbed in using your imagination as directed by your therapist. hear everything and wonder if they were really hypnotized. To learn alot more about hypnosis please click here.

Guided Imagery

The process of guided therapeutic imagery has some similarities to other techniques designed to invoke a state of relaxation, such as hypnosis. Both techniques involve some visualization, a focus on the inner mental experience, and a relaxed state of mind. However, hypnosis tends to place more focus on suggestion while guided imagery emphasizes the senses and helps you use your senses  to direct and focus attention on a particular area of concern. By allowing parts of the 'story' to be fully imagined by the client, the client's unconscious can access  areas of concern that have been hidden from view.      

Talk Therapy

Talk therapy is based on a close working relationship between us, and is characterized by our verbal exchange. Some talk therapists follow a specific school of thought, but I blend elements from different approaches depending on your particular need. Using Jungian and psychodynamic  theories, we’ll explore the unconscious meanings and motivations of problems. Cognitive Behavioral therapy will teach you new tools and alternative ways of thinking, behaving and managing your feelings. 

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Format / Fees / Hours


All sessions will be conducted via an online platform, a secure HIPAA* compliant video format from your home, office, or other private space.  I use a program called “Zoom”, a web based video conferencing tool which allows users to meet online. The client simply clicks on a link I send prior to the session. Phone sessions are also available but are not secure. 


*HiIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Compliance Act sets the standard for sensitive patient data protection. Therapists and other healthcare providers are required to use compliant methods of communication.

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$200 per 50 minute session

Sessions can be 50, 75 or 100 minutes in length. It's up to you.

I do not accept insurance payments

because managed care / insurance companies require a medical / psychiatric diagnosis which becomes part of your permanent record. They also limit the number of sessions allowed regardless of your need.


Monday :          4:00 - 7:00

Tuesday :         12:00 -7:00

Wednesday:   12:00 - 7:00

My hours are flexible. Please ask for what you need.

About  DeeDee




B.S. Ed. - Special Education for Emotionally Disturbed Children 

University of Michigan 

M.A.-Counseling Psychology with Emphasis in Depth Psychology 

Pacifica Graduate  Institute

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Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist - California, MFC #46507


Certified in Clinical Hypnosis by American Society of Clinical Hypnosis


Approved Consultant in Clinical Hypnosis  by American Society of Clinical Hypnosis


Sensorimotor Psychotherapy - Level I Graduate



Hospice of the North Coast and The

Elizabeth Hospice-Bereavement Counselor, Support Group Facilitator, Crisis Counselor


cCare -California Cancer Associates- Group Facilitator, Patient & Family Counselor, Psycho-education lecturer - 2007-2019


SD Center for Integrative Oncology- co-founder -Therapist, Counselor, Hypnotherapist- 2013-16

Private Practice - 2008 -                            Present

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